PE’s Chess Cast

PE’s Chess Cast had published it’s first podcast in the year of 2006 and the month was April. The podcast was available in Itunes and was featured under the section called Education and training. Since then the pink elephant has continued to add multiple podcasts that have one and only aim and that is to provide education and training to the people who are interested in Chess. The training is offered in two forms – free and membership.

Free education is also helpful for those who cannot pay and become a member but full and complete training guide and strategies are only available for a member of PE Chess Cast. You can always find free information here on our website and you will not have to pay anything to access these free chess tutorials. Under the membership, once you become a member, you will be provided with a login ID and password where you can login and then claim all the strategy articles and various other pieces of training material that you will not find anywhere else.

For all those people who are new to chess, our free PCT (Professional Chess Tutor) page that offers free materials will be sufficient. We don’t want to make all the basic stuff that will help a beginner level guy or a girl to learn chess paid. We want everyone to learn how to play chess because chess is a great indoor sport that is beneficial to you in real life.

Only the complicated strategies and other similar stuff is what goes under the membership section. You should only think about becoming our member if you are serious with going on to the advanced stage. If you are new then there is absolutely no need as you can go through all the free material under the PCT section and improve your game play. Learn the basics, chess openings, end games, strategies in middle game etc.

We provide all types of strategies along side videos that will show you a chess board and all pieces moving. Chess is not something that is easily understood through text. Videos are a really important piece of this puzzle. All the graphics will help you learn Chess better as your mind will adapt to a video better than a black text. That is why we have put up multiple videos instead of written text as in textbooks and that is what makes us the best Chess Guide website out there. Come try us out.